The proposed project with the name of “INTELLECTUAL EFFORT FOR BUILDING SOCIAL DIALOGUE” in the context of Improving Social Dialogue in Working Life Grant Scheme (SDW) is aimed to contribute to the creation of a culture and momentum of dialogue among academic staffs and university administrations, by exposing participants to a wide spectrum of experiences of social dialogue, with particular focus on social dialogue at national level

Based on this strategic objective, higher recognition of social dialogue as a tool for improvement of social and economic position of individuals will be increased. Moreover, mutual responsibility of all who are actively involved in the process will be stronger and balance of power without conflicts cultural will be obtained thanks to social dialogue and transparency of information flow.

For reaching this main goal, specific objectives of the project will be aimed to disseminate social dialogue tendency in the conflicts and reconciliation at university environment, contribute necessary conditions for social dialogue between academicians and administrators, Put forward international labor standards as instruments for promoting social dialogue, Establish contact points in universities in the field of social dialogue for further networking.

In the same context, it is a comprehensive project with its support of sub themes such as sectoral focusing and good governance as well as its problem-solving mechanisms through the civil society participation highlighted as social dialogue mechanisms, capacity increase in the local actors and introduce of Social Dialogue routines for academic environments in the target area.